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Civil Litigation Defense That Is Responsive To You

At Panov Law PLLC, we are a growing boutique law office that offers litigation defense representation for our clients in civil cases. Our attorney “Primo” Dimo Panov is dedicated to providing our clients with personable, approachable and responsive representation. We work with small businesses who are facing lawsuits, landlords who need representation in eviction matters and people who have been involved in an accident and need a representative in a negligence claim. From our Miami office, we are ready to help you with your civil litigation defense, so come and speak with us today.

Our Office Can Defend You Across A Broad Array Of Legal Claims

Our clients know that they can rely on our attorney to provide them with not only a vigorous civil defense, but also with a close working relationship that keeps them involved in their case. We work tirelessly to prepare all of our cases for trial, both so that we are in a strong position for litigating the claim in court, but also to encourage a settlement outside of court. While we do not practice criminal law defense, we can represent clients in all manner of civil cases, including:

These are just a few of the ways that we can serve our clients in protecting their interests. We can help in other ways aside from normal litigation, such as assisting clients in filing for a temporary restraining order, participating in an arbitration or filing an immigration claim. No matter what our clients require, we will do our best to serve them.

If You Are Ready, Come And Speak With Dimo

A strong civil defense is often the deciding factor in litigation, and the best way to increase your side’s strength is by starting as early as you can in formulating a winning legal strategy. That is why if you are in need of representation, you should contact us at Panov Law PLLC so that you can speak with Dimo. We offer a free thirty minute consultation with our attorney, so call 786-706-7418 to get yours today. If you would prefer to write to us, you can send us a brief email with a description of your situation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.