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Meet Our Paralegal

Born and raised in Russia, Irina was always interested in law but did not pursue a law degree until recently. Irina graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Chuvash State Teachers’ Training University and spent a few years working as an English language teacher in Saint Petersburg. Irina also has a bachelor’s degree in “Arts and Culture.”

Irina’s interests in foreign languages and cultures led her onboard Carnival Cruise Lines where she met Dimo in 2015. Together Irina and Dimo left the cruise ships and married in New York in 2016. They then moved in Miami in early 2017 and are living their American dream together.

Since they met Irina is Dimo’s “right hand” and they team up on every challenge that life in Miami offers. In 2017 and 2019 Irina and Dimo, became the proud parents of the two brightest girls ever.

Irina now decided to pursue her childhood dreams for a law degree and is currently studying at FIU for a certified paralegal. Learning from school and from her real-life experience at Panov Law PLLC, is a dream coming true and Irina is an integral part of the current and future growth of the firm, from just small, through boutique and mid-size, to eventually a “big-law” international law institution.