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I was referred to Panov Law from the Miami-Dade Bar. I was impressed with the personalized attention I received. Attorney Panov and his partner Irina took the time to visit me and listened to the problems I had after a traffic accident. The insurance denied me any coverage and I was left with large out-of-pocket bills. Attorney Panov took on the case and the insurance paid my damages in full, and only a couple of months after they first denied paying.

While dealing with my case Dimo and Irina frequently took time to talk to me and informed of everything that was going on. That made me feel that they really like helping others with through the work they do at Panov Law. Thank You Dimo and Irina!!!

– Raul A.

I had a squatter on my property, and he was refusing to leave. From the police told me it is a civil issue and I need to go to court, and from the court they told me that I needed a lawyer. I came across Panov Law after I called the Dade Bar referral services. Attorney Panov explained me the law on the issue, and we had an extensive consultation before I pay him anything. After that consultation I retained him, and he filed my case with the court two days later. After the court proceeding was over, Dimo remained committed to my case with organizing the eviction through the local police and even helped with the manual work at the clean-up of the property after the squatter was out.

Attorney Panov provided me with the highest standard legal services for a great price and would recommend him to anybody who needs a lawyer.

Milagros R.